Frequently Asked Questions about IRDA Examination & Eligibility Criteria, Procedure for becoming Insurance Agent in India.

I want to become Insurance Agent. Which exam I should write?

To become Life Insurance Agent in India a candidate should pass IRDA IC 38 Pre recruitment qualification exam. To become General Insurance Agent in India a candidate should pass IRDA IC 38 Exam.

Who conducts Agent Pre recruitment exam?

On behalf of IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and development Authority), Agent pre recruitment exam is conducted by Insurance Institute of India.

What is the eligibility Criteria for becoming Insurance Advisor?

Regulation 4 of the IRDA (licensing of Insurance Agents) Regulations, 2000 requires a Minimum qualification of a pass in 12th standard in case of urban areas and 10th Standard in case of rural areas if the population is less than 5000.

Can I work as Insurance agent for more than One Insurance Company?

NO. At present regulation stipulates that a person should work as Insurance Advisor and solicit Insurance business only for One Life Insurance Company and One General Insurance Company.

Can I write IRDA Exam directly?

NO. You have to enroll yourself with the Insurance Company you like to be associated with. It is only through that Insurer you will be able to write exam.

Do I have to attend training?

Candidates should complete 50 hours of training from an IRDA approved training institution to act as Life or General Insurance agent. In case of Candidates who are seeking license for the first time to act as composite (i.e. Life & General) insurance agent has to complete 75 hours of training.

How to enroll with IRDA approved training providers?

Insurance Company will have tie up with training providers and they will arrange training.

What is the syllabus of IC 38 Exam?

  • Understanding insurance
  • Providing technical product information
  • Providing professional advice
  • Understanding claims
  • Fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements
  • Understanding customer protection and ethics

What is the type of Exam (written or Online) ?

Exam is ONLINE. No off line exam is available. Once you submit the question paper you will immediately get the result.

What is the examination pattern for IC 38?

  • The Test contains 50 Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Time is ONE Hour.
  • Each question carries one mark.
  • There is NO NEGATIVE MARK for wrong answers.
  • To qualify a person should get 35% marks.

What is the validity of my certificate?

Insurance License is valid for a period of three years.

Do I have to write IRDA exam again after expiry of the certificate?

No. Candidates need not write exam for Certificate Renewal. They have to undergo 25 hours of practical training in order to renew the certificate for another block of 3 years.

Is IRDA Exam (IC 38) difficult to pass?

Not really if you understand the concept. But most of the candidates find it difficult to pass the exam.

Is there someone who offers IRDA Practice test papers?

Yes, We are providing mock test for IRDA examination