NISM Equity Derivatives Certification Examination (EDCE) - Series-VIII (8)

Frequently Asked Questions about NISM Equity Derivatives Exam

What is the objective of this Exam?

The examination seeks to create a common minimum knowledge benchmark for associated persons functioning as approved users and sales personnel of the trading member of an equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a recognized stock exchange.

Who can write / should write this exam?

  • Approved users and Sales personnel of the trading member of an equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a recognized stock exchange.
  • Employees of Stock Brokers and Sub-Brokers in Derivative Segment
  • Students, Teachers, Investors
  • Anybody having interest in the Equity Derivatives Market

I already hold NCFM Derivatives Exam Certification. Do I have to write NISM Derivatives (ED) Exam?

If NCFM Derivatives Certificate is in force (still not expired) then there is no need to write NISM ED Exam.

When was NISM Derivatives Exam Launched?

NISM Equity Derivatives Exam was launched on October 8th 2012.

What kind of topics is covered in the NISM Derivatives Exam syllabus?

  • Basics of the Indian equity derivatives market.
  • Various trading strategies that can be built using futures and options on both stocks and stock indices.
  • Clearing, settlement and risk management as well as the operational mechanism related to equity derivatives markets.
  • Regulatory environment in which the equity derivatives markets operate in India.

Whether furnishing PAN Number is mandatory?

Passing Certificate will be issued only to those candidates who have furnished/updated their Income Tax Permanent Account Number (PAN) in their registration details.

How to register?

You can register for NISM EDCE Exam through NISM or NSE or BSE Website.

Which exam is the Benchmark Standard for Approved Users and Sales personnel in the Derivatives Segment?

From October 8th 2012, NISM Equity Derivatives Exam is the Benchmark Exam.

Study material for preparing for NISM ED examination.

You will receive a hard copy of the study material by courier, after enrolment for the examination. We provides Study Notes based on NISM study material. However candidates are advised to read NISM Workbook / Study Material. Register to download NISM EDCE study notes from our site. Register to take mock test.

How can I register for NISM-Series-VII: Equity Derivatives Certification Examination?

For registrations candidates may visit NISM, NSE or BSE Websites.

Do I have to pay for the study material for NISM Equity Derivatives Exam?

No, the study material is free of cost and will be provided to you on registration and upon payment of fees for the examination by the respective Test Administrator.

How can I appear for NISM Equity Derivatives mock test? Where do I get sample questions for NISM Equity Derivatives Examination?

We provides you Online Mock Test for NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Examination. Click to take mock test.

Syllabus Outline for NISM EDCE Exam

NISM EDCE Syllabus Weightage Marks
Unit 1: Basics of Derivatives 8 marks
Unit 2: Understanding Index 2 marks
Unit 3: Introduction to Forwards and Futures 25 marks
Unit 4: Introduction to Options 25 marks
Unit 5: Option Trading Strategies 3 marks
Unit 6: Introduction to Trading Systems 4 marks
Unit 7: Introduction to Clearing and Settlement System 13 marks
Unit 8: Legal and Regulatory Environment 15 marks
Unit 9: Accounting and Taxation 3 marks
Unit 10: Sales Practices and Investor Protection Services 2 marks

Assessment Structure: Exam Pattern

DURATION 120 Minutes
EXAM FEES Rs 1500/-