NISM Series V A – Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Exam

Mutual Fund Agent Exam

Who is a Mutual Fund Distributor ?

Mutual Fund Distributor is an authorised person to sell Mutual Fund schemes to investors. MF Distributor gets Upfront / Trail commissions from the investors / AMC for their sales.

What Exam Should one pass to become Mutual Fund Distributor ?

One should pass NISM Series V A Mutual Fund Distributors Certification exam to become a Mutual Fund Distributor.

Who should attend Mutual Fund Exam ?

1) NISM Mutual Fund Distributors Certification is a mandatory requirement for all people engaged in sales & distribution of Mutual funds.

2) Bank Employees & Financial Advisors who sell mutual funds have to pass this NISM Mutual Fund Distributors Exam.

3) Insurance Advisors who want to become MF Distributors should pass NISM VA Mutual Fund Exam.

What is meaning of 'Series V A or VA' in Mutual Fund Exam name ?

Series VA is not pronounced as 'vee A'. Its series 5 A. ' V ' is Roman Numeral for 5.

How to take Free DEMO exam of NISM Mutual Fund Exam in our website?

NISM MFD Mock Test how to?

How to prepare for NISM Mutual Fund Exam ? offers NISM VA Mutual Fund Exam PRACTICE TEST based on the NEW NISM syllabus

NISM Series V-A Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination Question Paper

NISM VA Mutual Fund Mock Test

Where can I get NISM Mutual Fund Study Material ?

MODELEXAM provides Short Study Guides for NISM Mutual fund exam preparation. Its around 28 pages. Short Notes contains exam oriented important concepts only.

Where can I get NISM Mutual Fund Exam Dates ?

Link to NISM Exam dates, location / centre & timeslots

How to do NISM Exam registration ?

How to learn about Mutual funds ?

NISM MFD NISM Mutual fund Youtube video class

How is the Assessment Structure for Mutual Fund Exam ?

Total Questions 100 X 1 mark each ( NO NEGATIVE MARKS)
Total Duration 2 hours.
Passing score 50%
Certificate Validity 3 years
Certificate Renewal Attend NISM CPE Session, Call Mr.Srinivasan 98949 49988 for NISM CPE Training details in South India.

What are the Chapterwise Weightages for Mutual Fund exam ?

Unit 1 Investment Landscape 8%
Unit 2 Concept & Role of a Mutual Fund 6%
Unit 3 Legal Structure of Mutual Funds in India 4%
Unit 4 Legal and Regulatory Framework 10%
Unit 5 Scheme Related information 10%
Unit 6 Fund Distribution and Channel Management Practices 6%
Unit 7 Net Asset Value, Total Expense Ratio and Pricing of units 8%
Unit 8 Taxation 4%
Unit 9 Investor Services 20%
Unit 10 Risk, Return and Performance of Funds 7%
Unit 11 Mutual Fund Scheme Performance 7%
Unit 12 Mutual Fund Scheme Selection 10%